November 20

ELA A10: Nov 20 Intro The Village…

  1. Now that we have finished reading the novel and discussed some of the themes found in it, we are going to compare and contrast the plot and themes of it to the movie The Village. It has so many similarities, but still have quite original storylines. Specifically, we are going to look for evidence of the following points:
    1. The conflict between the ideas of the young and old.
    2. How both societies live by “fear of change”.
    3. Both societies protect their borders from attacks from “the others”.
    4. Some members of the group are “different”.
    5. Both groups have an explanation for why bad things happen.
    6. The patriarchal leaders (the two most influencial men) are similar yet different.
  2. We were interupted by having to go down for our  H1N1 shots. We’ll continue on Monday.
  3. They’ll also have a Chrysalids exam coming soon.

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