November 19

ELA A10: Nov 19 Themes and Song Analysis…

  1. We have finished reading the novel and are going to spend some time analyzing it now. We studied and broke down the meaning of a song called “The Crown of Creation” by Jefferson Airplane that was written in response to the novel.
  2. Then we studied a handout that listed several themes present in the novel. As a class, we filled in the boxes of the handout that asked for an explanation for how that theme existed in the novel, and listed a specific reference to support it. Some of the newer themes students may not have encountered before were ones like “man’s inhumanity towards man” or “hypocrisy”. We’ll review them again before they have to write their Chrysalids exam.
  3. We took a few  minutes, though, to watch a movie trailer some English students made for the novel. It’s pretty accurate and definitely follows events of the book, but it’s hillarious to watch. Check it out.

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