January 17

Health 3/4: Jan 17 Social Relationship unit begins…

  1. Damien read for the class the write-up he did about a dangerous situation he survived. That leaves on Chyanne to complete hers. 
  2. We began a new unit today that will focus on the relationships people have with others around them, how those relationships lead people to feel about themselves and some possible dangerous beliefs people may have. 
  3. Students were given a handout and asked to write as many things about themselves as they could. The focus here is on their identity and the idea that they are unique and different from everyone in several ways. They struggled with that for a bit but we decided they should take this sheet home and talk with their parents to get an idea of more responses for it. 
  4. In the meantime, we moved to the elementary hallway where the kids laid out on a large piece of paper while I traced their outline. They are going to draw and color in their clothes and leave space on their shirts to write several of the labels or qualities they come up with on their “identity” list. It was pretty entertaining… drawing their outline with marker. It doesn’t take much to entertain, does it? 

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