3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Goodsoil…

  1. Chelsey S

    Hey Ms. Waldner….
    Thanks for everything once again & a Very Merry Christmas To You Too!!!!!! : ). I like your pictures by the way….
    Good Luck,

  2. keenermarc (Post author)

    Hey Chels! What are you doing checking out a Homework Blog during the Christmas Holidays?!? Silly! lol I was so pleased with myself when I realized I could make a photo slideshow online and then embed it into the blog. You guys took so many pictures with my camera on that last day that it would be disappointing to think you wouldn’t get to see them!! (Actually, you should look further down the page to the ELA 20 post for the last day because I put the actual photos of just your class on there. The ones where you’re jumping down the hallway look really cute. lol)
    I got settled into my friend’s place but my boxes just crowd the room. It’s packed! It’ll take a while to get settled. I’m being lazy today and watching a few movies with my friend. I hope you’re resting and relaxing too. Hope Santa was good to you!!

  3. khelan

    hey ms. waldner, watsup haha?!
    hope u had a gud xmas and a happy new year. u missed the goodsoil new year’s dance…awww man!! haha..neway, i wanted to ask u what i still need to hand in before we write the exam in two weeks time. also, do u know what our marks are sitting at right now or not?? pls will u let me know as soon as u possible..i would appreciate that. oh and sry for all the spelling mistakes and punctuation errors – i think u’ll have to make a “the art of english two point zero” video and put it up on youtube haha..neways uhm have fun at your new school..u will be missed
    all the best


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