June 13

ELA B10: June 13 Reading / questions Act 4 Sc 1,2…



  1. Students read together Act 4 , scene 1 and 2. They answered the questions as well while they were reading. We will read Scene 3 tomorrow as it is the longest scene of the play.
  2. Students joined me in the projector room to look at videos from their performances yesterday of Act 4. They did pretty good, being new to acting.

candids-107.jpg   candids-117.jpg  candids-119.jpg


[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/SRFDFEEuPVU" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

June 12

Hist 30: June 12 Research assignment work period…

  1. Students worked again on researching for their major assignment due Friday for class. They were given examples and guidance on how to integrate a quote (phrase or sentence that is not your own) into their essay. Some of them were a little confused thinking they have to put in a quote of someone ‘saying something’ about their topic. They just have to use information from another source to back up what their topic is.
June 11

ELA B30: June 11 Viewing Hamlet, the movie…

  1. Students continued watching the Mel Gibson version of the movie. They were to watch for the portion where the Play is within the play. This is where Hamlet finally sees guilt on the face of the King and thinks he has his proof to carry forward with his plan of revenge.

    [kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/FtMVjQizwE8" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]
    Enjoy the Simpson's version of Hamlet, too, just for fun.

June 11

MdSt 20: June 11 Yearbook work period 3…

  1. Students worked together in the SCN room on their yearbook pages. The deadline for completed work is Friday, unless other arrangements have been made, such as if your activity has not yet occured so you have no pictures.
  2. Some students had to use this class to take pictures of sports teams or candids for their pages.
June 11

Hist 30: Jun 11 Research Essay Assignment…

  1. Students were given their major essay that is the last piece of work for this course. They have Monday, Tues, Wed, and Thurs to work in class on the assignment with library and computer access given. The assignment is due on Friday and no assignments will be accepted after that date.
  2. There are few assignments in this second portion of the class. The students have this essay, its reference page and possibly a set of chapter questions yet for assignments before the marks are put together. This essay is the major piece of work for this part of the semester and will determine how you do in this course. Be careful and put your full attention to doing well at it.
June 11

ELA B10: June 11 Marks and practice for dramatic acting…

  1. Students were handed back their quiz from the other day.  They were also shown their current mark in the English class. This may change slightly in these last few weeks, based on the assignments we complete in that time.
  2. Students were to use this time to practice for their dramatic scene performance of the three scenes in Act IV. They have to bring or create their own props and costumes, etc.
June 7

ELA B30: June 7 Hamlet acting and the play within the play…

  1. We began the class today with two students acting out a scene we read through yesterday. (Yesterday, the students were near dead-like so they would not try acting it out. Today, they had a bit more life in them!)
  2. We continued with the reading and have learned that Claudius feels remore and guilt over his actions of killing his brother and admitted, to himself only, that he did it out of greed over his brother’s wife, Gertrude. We also understand that Hamlet feels like life is nothing but then admits all he is doing it putting off his act.
  3. We noticed several usable quotes for the essay they may have to write so we wrote them on the board for students to add them to their list of quotes.