June 15

MdSt 20: June 15 Yearbook pages… still…

  1. Students in attendance worked hard again on their yearbook pages. The hope was to have the pages finished for Friday but no internet service at school yesterday slowed some people down. Today, we continued.
  2. We’ll work next week the few days that we’ll need to to finish.
  3. Media Log Entries are due Monday in class. They’re an important part of your overall grade. Hope you put the effort into them throughout the course.
June 14

Md St 20: June 14 No internet…

  1. With no internet, it made for a difficult time for kids to work on yearbook pages. We would like to have their pages finished for tomorrow but we’ll likely work on them a bit next week as well.
  2. Students grabbed some magazines from the library and worked on Media Log Entries as the thirty entries will be due on Monday. Others worked on other assignments.
June 11

MdSt 20: June 11 Yearbook work period 3…

  1. Students worked together in the SCN room on their yearbook pages. The deadline for completed work is Friday, unless other arrangements have been made, such as if your activity has not yet occured so you have no pictures.
  2. Some students had to use this class to take pictures of sports teams or candids for their pages.
June 7

MdSt 20: June 7 Yearbook work period…

  1. Students in the media studies class are going to create this year’s yearbook for the school. The program is a new one and done entirely online. Every student has chosen which pages they are going to be responsible for and was to have prepared prior to today what was necessary to begin today.
  2. Because it is a new program, a lot of what today included was just working with the program and getting used to it’s quirks. The computers seemed somewhat slow but once students are familiar with it, they can access the site from home and do the same work much quicker.
June 6

MdSt 20: June 6 Finish written test or work on media logs…

1. Some students who missed writing their written portion of the exam the other day used today’s class to write. The other students who were finished used the class time to work on Media Log Entries in the SCN room. 2. It was discussed and students agreed on a date for submitting the 30 Media Log Entries. Monday June 18 will be the deadline.
3. Tomorrow, students were asked to be ready to begin work on their yearbook pages.

June 4

MdSt 20: June 4 Written portion to unit exam…

  1. Students wrote the written portion of their unit exam. The questions were general and similar to any we have had in our classes. They were more analytical or reflective questions, as pointed out by Chelsea, and not just simple questions.
  2. Students not able to finish will be continuing during lunch tomorrow. There will be no class tomorrow as the grade elevens are running the canteen for the Elementary Track.