December 3

Visual Arts 20: Online assignment today…. yay!

  1. Hey, class! Welcome to the PC Lab and your online assignment for the day. I’m sure it’s been mentioned to you before settling in your seat, but you’re restricted from using any YouTube videos today, although for this assignment I know there are some useful videos to watch. We’ll get to that tomorrow, together, but for today just focus on your task without the use of that famous resource.
  2. There is a powerpoint attached. In it, it gives an overview for our next type of art. Read through it carefully, focusing on the art terms used. If you forget the meaning of some of these, you can refer to your notes in your binder or check for a definition online.
  3. Once you’ve gone through the powerpoint, there is an assignment task on the second last page of the slideshow. Do this work carefully, not skipping ahead to the final task. You may be evaluated tomorrow by the degree to which you can respond to questions from me regarding what you’ve discovered in your time today. Have fun!!
  4. It also asks you to come prepared with some tools tomorrow. Bring what you can from home, but we may have a day or two before we really get into it.
  5. Email me your findings and responses to the questions at 


November 25

Nov 25: Visual Art 20 Online Search Assignment…

One thing about learning to appreciate art more personally is to see the unique and new ways old ideas are being used. The artist Phil Hansen we learned about at the beginning of our course is a perfect example of this – his idea of art goes outside the normal boundaries. He has taken ideas and given new life to them by using new mediums or methods to acheive fantastic expressions of himself. For today’s class, your task is to seek out examples of artists expressing themselves in completely original and inspiring ways!

There are certain guidelines and expectations with this assignment, which will be detailed for you. This is to ensure your online searching does not become an aimless use of your class time. However, the true purpose of this time and research is for you individually to find inspiration and interest in art-related examples.

To do this, and for it to be personally relevant and valuable, you cannot talk with anyone or share with them what you find. You can keep a URL list of interesting things to share at a later time with your peers, but for this task today it has to be done on your own, independent of any influence or participation from others.



  1. Find ten truely unique / impressive / original examples of an artist or type of art that could defy what most people would consider to be art. They may use a new medium, use a common one in new ways, or be expressing it in a way that has never been done before. Keep the url link to each of these ten, or copy and paste the actual images onto a word document. From those ten, then, the challenge here is to find the “most unique” that will draw some surprising response from your peers when shared with them later.
  2. For your searching, you may look at Google images or do a search on Google web for new art ideas. This assignment, though, will not include any youtube examples of new demonstrations of art. This assignment should, also, only include Visual Art examples.
  3. With your chosen example, you have to give some background information:
    1. First impression
    2. Reason this example was chosen above the rest. (Detailed explanation)
    3. Originality explained or described in detail. This could be a descriptive explanation of the method they use to create their art or steps used in creating it.
    4. Explanation of how / why / ways this example of art defys normal definitions of what is considered “art”.
    5. Inspiration – how does this example inspire you? Are you inspired to try it, experiment with old mediums in a new way, look at an expression of art differently. (This explanation of the inspiration should be persuasive and convincing, possibly proving your example to be the most unique above any other example.)
  4. Your choice and responses will be evaluated by how thorough and clear you are in expressing your choice. Make a simple choice and show little effort or interest in answering the above questions, your mark will be poor, but make a good choice, take your time to find the right example of art and explain your reasons, and your mark will be much higher! 
September 16

Vis Art 20: Sept 16 “Looking to be Inspired” online search and response…


  1. Open the attached file and answer the questions with as much detail as possible. Remember that one of the main components of the Visual Arts course is to encourage students to become more analytical of the art they see and develop the ability to reflect on their personal response. (Can you describe your reaction to art that attracts you?)

 Some tips you can use:

  • search types of art materials (or mediums) to later search for a type of art using that material
  • search a theme or topic and find art that represents it
  • search a particular artist or genre of art to find examples of
  • try your best to not focus on nude art examples, because we are all mature, right? (And your pc privilege will be removed swiftly and you can use a book to do the assignment!)