November 3

Nov 3 Planning for Gr 9/10 Showcases

We’ll soon have Showcase evenings where your parents and you will join us one of two evenings at the school to share and celebrate some of the learning yoImage result for kenaston school logo transparentu’ve done so far this school year.

To plan for this, you have a few tasks to complete: one mandatory and three optional choices.

  1. Mandatory: Reflection Sheet reviewing progress/accomplishments in classes. Open Handout Here: Gr 9&10 November Course Reflection Sheet

    Options 2, 3, 4 (Choose One)

  2. Learning about course selections and DLC options.
    In handout, choose A B or C. Open Handout Here: course-and-dlc-exploration

    1. Math Pathways Parent Brochure
    2. Saskatchewan Math Pathways
    3. Science Pathways
    4. Sun West Distance Learning Center – Course Descriptions and Requirements 
  3. Exploring a future post-secondary option.
    Identify a possible area of study you’re considering for Post-Secondary Schooling and look up what pre-requisites are needed for you to enter that program.

    1. University of Saskatchewan – pre-requisites for the different colleges
    2. SIAST – requirements list
    3. Other?
  4. Tech Five (app, program, blog) – Show and tell.
    You have learned to use several new apps and created two different websites in your classes. Pick your Top Five of these features that you want to share with your parents to show how they work and what you can use them for.

    1. You could create a blog post and link or embed different projects you’ve created using the different apps.