November 25

Social 9 plan Thurs

Hey there Kenaston Social 9 peeps!
Today you have two parts to your class time:
  1. Continue with/complete the web search activity sheets. The society that began in that region of the world still is influenced by the original civilization established there.
  2. Once you’ve finished the pages, though, you want to start preparing to Sell us on the Value of your Invention from Mesopotamia. Convince us yours is the better achievement than the others. The list of achievements and each student assigned to them is posted below – you’ll each try to convince the class your invention is the most valuable to today’s global cultures; that it has helped mankind more than the competing invention.
    1. Here is the description of each of the inventions to remind you of what it is you’re trying convince others is such an important achievement.
    2. Remember you’ll be trying to win over votes against an opponent – against another invention. In your planning, you can try including reasons why the competing invention isn’t as helpful as yours is in the world.
Have fun today. I look forward to the face-offs for our tournament to find out which invention from Mesopotamia is the best of all! 👏

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