October 14

ELA 9: A3 Doing the Right Thing

Moral questioning through science fiction writing – that’s the focus of this section’s written text. Would you use your advantage to get something you really want if you know it comes at the cost of someone else not getting the same? Is that cheating or just using everything you have access to in order to help yourself or others?

Characteristics of Science Fiction - Teach 21 Too

Resources to Support this Section:


  1. What is Science Fiction Writing? (article) 
  2. The Case for Reading Fiction (article)
  3. The Surprising Power of Reading Fiction: 9 Ways it Makes us Happier and More Creative (article)
  4. Benefits of Reading Fiction (article)
  5. Real-Life Benefits of Reading Fiction (article)
  6. Benefits of Reading (Books): How it can Positively Affect Your Life (article)



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This text is rated C, challenging at the ELA 9 level. How did you do in reading and understanding the storyline?

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