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ELA 9 A3 Moral Dilemma Scenarios – Role Playing

Knowing what’s the Right and Wrong thing to do in a situation may not be as simple as black and white. There are often a lot of other influences pressuring us in our choices. The following Role-Playing Scenarios will walk us through a few examples of those grey-area Right or Wrong moments.Challenge | How to Manage Moral Dilemmas at Work

Group 1:
5 Characters: Antonia, Marco, Professor Max, Sonyeter, and Natalie (the school janitor)

Group 2:
5 Characters: Nicole, Ernesto, Coach Albert, Sarah, Sandra

Group 3: Consider the following events.
5 Characters: Officer Lavoie, Officer Maturana, wallet owner #1, wallet owner #2, and Police Chief of that detachment.
Instructions: You can read through the following events of this scenario and take on one of the five roles in this scene. If you do, record (video or audio) your personal responses to being in your roles and this ethical dilemma, and then share it with me. Season 1 Wtf GIF by Mr. Mercedes - Find & Share on GIPHY

  1. Police Officer Lavoie is on a night shift with his partner, Officer Maturana, when a Good Samaritan drops off a found wallet at the station.
  2. Officer Lavoie and partner try to return the wallet to the house location found inside the wallet at 3.22 am. They rang the doorbell and waited, but no one answered the door.
  3. The next evening, again on the night shift, Officer Lavoie and partner returned to the home to once again try returning the found wallet to that home location. They rang the doorbell, this time at 1:22 am. There was again no answer.
  4. Officer Lavoie next examined the vehicle parked in the driveway and noticed another wallet on the passenger’s seat and found that the car door was unlocked.
  5. He opened the car door, took the second wallet from the car in the driveway, and confirmed by the documents inside that the owner also lived at that residence.
  6. Consider for yourself,
    1. What are the possible “right” ways to respond to this circumstance?
    2. What possible scenarios could you think of for why one wallet was found, another wallet sat in an unlocked car in the driveway, and no one was responding to the doorbell in the middle of the night? Would you suspect foul play? Explain why or why not.
    3. What is the worst thing you can think of the Police Officers doing in that moment, in response to their concerns?
  7. Read the article at the following link to discover what the Officers actually did in response to that scenario and what played out after the fact. Leave your responses to the true results below as a Comment to this blog post.
    1. Note: This scenario is actually a cross-over into our Social 10 discussion topic as well – rights of citizens and protections against unlawful actions of police.




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1 thoughts on “ELA 9 A3 Moral Dilemma Scenarios – Role Playing

  1. Ava

    Our group, Dee, Caelyn, Marissa, and I agree that the worst thing that the cop could have done would be break in, which he did. We predicted that this would happen.


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