September 3

ELA 9 A1 Dealing with Conflict

Unfortunately, it’s a common human experience to deal with and encounter conflict throughout our lives. We encounter it in big and small ways constantly and have to learn to deal with it through our experiences. Other ways to learn how to manage these moments in our lives is through literature – to read and understand how other people handle the conflicts they encounter. That’s what this section of ELA 9 begins with.

Resources for this section:


Extension Activities:

    • Identifying Elements of Plot Structure: One challenging activity when reading literature is trying to identify the moments when tension increases (rising action) or pinpointing a climax moment. If you want more to challenge yourself, see if you can fill these in and agree with another over your choices.
    • Connection to Real World – For Discussion: What happens when your identity as part of a group isn’t one you can just remove, like a jacket? Cultural and racial groups are still subject to judgements of others that affect the treatment they receive and conflicts they encounter. How does an example like the one in the video below relate to this short story about a boy in a gang? Do they share a similar theme?

Curriculum Objects Connected to this Section:

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