December 11

Hist 30 1.4 Britain Policies in Canada – The 7 yrs War – Research

You have the challenge to learn on your own about the causes and results of the Seven Years War. Here are some resources assembled to help support you in that learning.

Sample Google Search Phrases:

  • The Seven Years War Causes and Consequences
  • The Seven Years War Countries Involved
  • The Seven Years War Timeline
  • The Seven Years War Map Before – After
  • The French Indian War Summary
  • Before the Seven Years War
  • French British Relationship Before Treaty of Paris
  • Canadian History Textbook pdf 1700s
  • Seven Years’ War – Khan Academy Instructional Videos

You can also add “pdf” or “PPT” into your searches and read through the notes/slides of teachers who have posted their course resources online. Sample here. 


Class Instruction/Review of the Seven Years’ War (Jan 8th, 2020)


The Expulsion of the Acadians – what happened and why is it relevant to Canada today?

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