October 21

ELA 9 Sample paragraphs for I am Sam writing

Here are some sample paragraphs from another student’s work last year:


5.) The movie centers around questions about Sam’s abilities and mental capacity, but there are times when Sam proves to be more insightful than other mature characters. What examples do you notice of this while watching?

In some parts of the movie Sam is more mature than the other adults talking to him. When they are in court arguing about Lucy’s well being, Sam keeps explaining to them that you don’t need to be super smart to be able to love and raise a child, you just need to know how to love them. He explains that you just need to be patient and loving even when they are being difficult. When he is talking to Rita about how he loves Lucy, he tells her that you don’t need to always be smarter than your kid to raise them, you just need patience and you need to know why you love them. This gets to Rita and she kind of gets mad and starts to kick things around and get mad at herself. She thinks about what Sam said and realized that she needs to spend more time with her son instead of just leaving him to raise himself.

6.) Rita’s life parallels Sam’s; this means his lawyer’s life has many similarities to his own. Can you identify those parallels?  

Rita’s life has some similarities to Sam’s. Sam and Rita both have a child that they love unconditionally. They can both be impossible sometimes like when they are ordering food in the cafeteria and Sam doesn’t want his greens and yellows together so he tells the worker and Rita tells him to stop being impossible. Rita then goes and orders a very complicated omelette with egg whites and chives and extra things that someone would have a difficult time making. They are both single parents raising a child and they are both having difficulties with the relationships with their children.  They also get judged by other people. Sam gets judged because of his mental disability. People think that he isn’t good enough of a parent and that he doesn’t deserve a child. People also judge Rita. They think that she is kind of mean to Sam at first but when she takes his case Pro Bono people think she is strange and that Sam isn’t worth her time.

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