September 23

ELA 9 Sept 23/16 Rating Student Endings: #1

“No, my dear. Said the landlady. Only you.”

As He says goodnight He start to stumble up the stairs dizzy. He makes his way into the bedroom he thought was his.. Then as He looks up, He saw two men standing there.


“Hey there,” said Billy as he slurs as he took a step forwards to two men. There was no response so he started walking towards them, and he heard a woman’s voice coming from behind him


“you like my pets?” Said the landlady.


“Pardon me,” he said.


“Billy this isn’t your room, here I’ll take you to your room.” She said

They started walking down the stairs, and they made it to the main floor, and Billy said: “didn’t we go too far this is the main floor is it not?”

“Oh dear, don’t you worry,” she said. Billy felt a pinching in his arm, and he didn’t get a chance to look down because everything turned black.


Billy tried to get up and see what was going on, but everything was still black. He tried with all his might to scream, but there was no scream coming from him. He had one last thing to try, but he couldn’t even move.


Next thing he knows he woke up in a completely white room with a bright light shining down on him. There was a man with a white lab coat on with blue gloves that walked in the room while putting On his surgeon mask. The landlady was having troubles getting into the room and out of the corner of his left eye, he could see she was brining in something. He realised it was one of the missing men; it was Mr Mulholland that she was brining inside ways. He looked out of the corner of his other eye, and he realised my temple wasn’t moving at all like the two stuffed lets.


Billy mumbled under his breath “they aren’t alive they are stuffed just like the dog and parrot.”


Then there was a big thud! He quickly looked over, and he saw her drop Mr Mulholland, and next thing he heard was


“GARY!! I thought he was dead!!!” Said the land lady.


“He was! You messed up again Teresa!!! Said Gary.


Billy asked “is that what you guys are going to do to me? Like what you did with all of them” as he tries to point his finger towards the dog the parrot and Mr temple?”


The landlady picked my Mulholland back up and carried him over to the rest.


“Gary, give him another dose and make sure it’s a least a strong one!” Said the lady as she started to walk towards him and whispered in his ear. “It’s okay you’ll just be with all my other pets.”


Then Billy started to close his eyes. He felt like he was just going to sleep because he woke up once again. But this time, he couldn’t move or couldn’t even move his eyes. He was in the room on the third with the other two men facing him. And he realised he was the 5th stuffed pet.



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