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Ap 29/16 Station D: What did you think of “The Woman in This Poem”?

There is a lot of variety in the types of poems written, differing by their format, attitude they approach a common topic with, word choice, etc.

The following poem will likely be a poem unlike any you’ve read so far in school ELA classes. It’s another sample of what poetry can be like.

B5 Poem - The Woman in this Poem

Task- Either alone or with a partner you will:

  1. read through the poem
  2. add comments/questions/insights on the Right-Hand side of the poem. Underline or circle the part of the poem that triggers your comment and draw a line from it to your comment on the right. 
    • As others rotate through to this Station Activity, they will read the poem, read your comments left on the right, and then add their own comments/questions/insights either directly to the poem or to the comments left by the ones before.
    • There will be additional slips of paper added to the right for these additional readings/annotations of the poem. (See image)
  3. What kinds of things can you comment on?
    • if you can visualize what’s described in the poem, mention it and explain what you see
    • if reading a phrase reminds you of something from another story, your own experience, something you’ve heard, write down that connection
    • if there’s a phrase that infers/hints at something and you recognize it, identify and explain it
    • if you’re surprised by something, write down what triggered your response and how why
    • if you like a certain pairing of words together, using plays on sounds of words like Alliteration, Consonance, Assonance, Repetition, or Rhyme, identify and explain what you like about it
    • if you have questions for the author – why did they word it this way, what are they hinting at here, is there a phrase missing at the end of this line, etc write them out
    • if you develop predictions of how things will end, explain what you anticipate and why
  4. When you’re done, before moving to the next station:
    • Individually (each in the partner group) needs to add a comment to this post to share what you thought overall of the poem you studied. Try to develop at least a 3 sentence response.

Below is an example of what it may look like as groups rotate through this station.


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19 thoughts on “Ap 29/16 Station D: What did you think of “The Woman in This Poem”?

  1. Calina

    This poem did not end how I thought it would. It left you confused but interested in looking deeper into the poem. I had a lot of questions because of it.

  2. Sara sagen

    I thought this was a very interesting poem. It was very emtionally deep explaining how this women wanted to die because she wasn’t happy in her life. I liked this poem I thought it was very unique and not similar to lots we’ve read.

  3. Braeden

    The poem was a lot different then I thought it would be and had many thoughts. She wanted to be with her lover but couldn’t which I don’t get why she doesn’t just work it all out. This poem I think is what lots of people do think about at somepoint in there life but never want it to happen.

  4. Morgan

    In a way this poem was kinda sad. This woman isn’t happy with where she’s at in her life and is thinking about leaving her family and going with her lover. However when she’s thinking about leaving she is conflicted because as much as she wants to leave this life, there are still many aspects of it that she truly likes and it would be hard for her to leave. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in the things that they want, but they don’t really realize what they already have.

  5. Jadelyn

    I think this poem is about a woman who has lost her family. And as she grows older she becomes more and more lonely and wishes for her life to be over because she believes that there’s no point in livi without her family. I invisioned he making the supper and her kids coming home and her husband being there and she was happy. But as the poem went on I started to see that her family slowly disappears and she’s growing older and older.

  6. Saleen Hammy

    I thought the women in this poem was lonely and not happy with the life and family she had and she wanted to get away from her family.

  7. Jenna

    Why would she want a different life when she has a husband and kids that love her? I think this woman just wants change which makes her not very happy with her own life when it’s just staying the same. I thought this poem was confusing because she had a happy life but didn’t want it.

  8. Jessica

    After reading this poem I could not tell if I was more sad or mad. It was a very emotional poem about a woman who had a good life but didn’t want it. The poem goes on about how the woman wants to leave her happy family to go to a lover far away, then starts talking about how you may be mad at the woman in the poem because of what she wants to do. So this poem was kind of confusion with it switching the topics like that, and made you feel sad because she was upset with her family but mad that she would want to leave something good. Overall it was a interesting poem that I did enjoy.

  9. Rachael

    This poem was very confusing and I found I had to read it many times, before understanding it. The author left me with many questions and so it made me continue to think about it even after I was done reading it a few times. Overall the poem was good and I found the writing interesting.

  10. becky2015b

    This was a very interesting and captivating poem to read. At the beginning, you would think that it just tells the story of a woman but it really has a deeper meaning than just her actions. I really had to think about the poem as a whole to get what it was really talking about and how it relates to real life. Overall, i really liked this poem and i found it very interesting to read.

  11. Brooke

    Honestly, I was very confused reading this poem. The woman wasn’t happy at all, but she still wanted to stay with her husband and kids. She continues to debate weather or not to leave with her lover, but she can’t make up her mind and it practically kills her.

  12. leahl2015

    This poem was one that I really had to think about. I had to read the stanzas over and over to figure out the real meaning. The women had a good life at home with her family but she really didn’t want it. She couldn’t make a decision on what she wanted to do and this was killing her without her seeing it. The part that really hit me in this peom was when it says that that everyone has something killing them without them knowing. Overall this peom was very interesting and made me think.

  13. villib2015

    The woman in the poem was having a lot of trouble making up her mind. I found it very confusing and I was left with multiple questions. I don’t really understand why she didn’t leave if she was so unhappy. Overall I did enjoy this poem because it challenged our analyzing skills.

  14. Brennon & Kaylan

    Overall I felt this poem was slightly confusing. Once I finished this poem it had left me with mulitiple questions involving her life decisions and why she didn’t leave if she was unhappy. Within the poem the woman didn’t enjoy her life at home and wanted to run off with her lover, but instead, she stayed at home and was unhappy. This poem left me with questions on why she didn’t follow her dreams but I did enjoy it overall as it left me wanting to know more and go deeper into the poems.

  15. Kaylan

    This is a very well written poem, which leaves you to fill in the holes and make inferences instead of out right telling you what happens. It is pretty lengthy, however it’s interesting and leaves you asking questions after each stanza. The ending of the poem leaves you with questions as well, and makes you mentally complete the story.

  16. Cole

    The poem was very strange, mainly with the use of an outside perspective, because the narrator identified that this is a poem. The story is also very engaging, since the situation is specific, and shows how the women is torn between two lives. I disagree with the ending, however, because I empathized with the women, and wasn’t hopping for her death, I wanted a final solution.

  17. Sam Thomson

    This poem definitely has more of an underlying theme, more than simply a woman thinking about having an affair. It has this brief but very obvious message about people doing very evil things simply for the act of excitement and own personal joy. There’s something very human about the way Bronwell Wallace tells this story that can be connected to almost any person. The way you can get caught up in fantasies that you’ll never act upon.

  18. Ethan

    I found this poem very confusing and I had to read over it a few times to understand what was actually happening. I didn’t understand how someone could have a family and almost everything you could dream about and still not be satisfied. I also didn’t agree with the ending as I wasn’t expecting her death and there wasn’t really a solution.

  19. Chloe

    I agree with Ethan and I found the poem very confusing. We had to read it over a lot to try and understand the purpose and what was happening in the poem. Ethan and I worked on this together and I kind of understood how she is trying to live two lives, however the ending was unexpected.


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