October 8

Oct 8: ELA 9 Are you ready to start blogginnngggggggg??

Hey 9s, now’s the time! Let’s dig into these blogs and see what you can make of them! We’ll go through some steps together to format your new blogs.

There are a few steps I’d like you to follow today in getting started, so use this like a checklist if you will:

Add new posts for:

  1. Your Found Poem: take a photo of your poem and add it to your blog post. Then embed your Fotobabble recording of your reading, or an audio file if you can. Make sure to give your post an interesting but appropriate title.
  2. Your new “Words on a Page” presentation: add your presentation to a new post. You can link a powerpoint or your Prezi.

Add a Page and from the bottom up add:

  1. Your initial AR Fotobabble recording
  2. Your self assessment of your presentation. Take a photo of your assessment and comment about what is most difficult in doing aself assessment.
  3. Your image results of your Multiple Intelligence Survey. Comment on which areas it shows are your strongest.


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