September 29

ELA A10 / Psych 20: Sept 29 What you missed …

It was Driver Training day again today, so we had only 6 students together for our Gr 10 classes (ELA and Psych). Instead of moving forward leaving absent students with difficult homework to complete, I altered the work for today to lighten your homework load.

If you were away today, you need to do the following before tomorrow’s classes:

ELA A10: Instead of doing “The Raven” I informed the 6 students about the next assignment to come. They spent the class (and now it’s on you for homework) to find a poem that would fit our Mystery / Dark / Goth type genre that’s at least 12 lines long, and of an appropriate difficulty level. You will have to do a poetry oral presentation with this in the coming weeks. Search online – find a poem that suits the characteristics. Do this by Thursday. 

Psych 20: We reviewed our discussion of Ethics of Psychology Experiments (Section 1.4.0) and went through the 5 rules for Human ethics and 3 rules for Animal Ethics. You need to watch this video to catch up.  It’s 27 minutes long. 

We discussed again images like the ones to the below. Studies have proven that anyone in a role of authority, without supervision of that authority, will eventually abuse and manipulate that authority. The true life example is the Prisoner Abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison, like we talked about a few classes ago. These guards aren’t bad people or “bad apples”, but have started behaving badly because of their environment (or the “bad barrel” for good apples).

ELA A10 Repeater period 6: We also decided it would be easier for you to catch up homework-wise if we did a double Psych today while you were gone and replace it with a double ELA tomorrow. To catch up with this, you need to watch these videos (below) before class on Thursday. 

Behaviour Experiments Documentary: Part 1 – 3  (Click the image to play the video)

Hope you enjoyed the day of learning!


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