June 14

ELA B30: June 14 Act IV read all the way through…

  1. Students discussed what had previously happened in our last reading and were reminded that Act III in Shakespeare plays seals the fate of the tragic character. Up to the key event in Act III, Hamlet was so concerned with his fate, whether he’d end up in heaven or hell and it was this question that caused him to delay so long. Once he had accidentally killed Polonius, an innocent man, Hamlet realized he was damned to hell already so he might as well continue on with his quest for vengeance, except he goes in such a round-about way of doing it. Once Act III is finished, it is clear that Hamlet is destined to become a fully tragic figure.
  2. We read and discussed all of Act IV together. We also wrote a few found quotes from the reading on the board and talked about how they could apply to our unit theme if used in their essay on the departmental.

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