April 24

ELA 9 Sample Paragraphs – Novel Analysis Essays

Here are some samples of how to develop the type of paragraph you’re about to write.


One of the first signs of maturity in this novel is when Mariam has to cook her first meal for her and Rasheed, all by herself. She is fifteen at the time, and has just moved away from her home where her mother has died, and has to cook and clean for her husband for the first time without any guidance. Mariam has never been in this situation where she has to cook for a man by herself, because her mother had always been there to help. Mariam tries something  challenging and “[makes] fresh dough, kneading it the way [her mother] had shown her”(65). Mariam is fifteen and already she is taking on a huge responsibility of taking care of not just any man, but her husband who she has just met. No fifteen year old girl should have to be thrown into a situation like this, but Mariam was, and she handled the situation very well, better than a normal girl her age would have. Mariam shows a lot of maturity as she grows throughout the novel but this is one of the earliest and most significant events.


In addition to Clay’s denial of the tapes, comes his dread of just wanting them to be over. Emotional stress starts to overcome Clay as he listens to these tapes, just waiting to hear the reason why he is involved. He sits with grief waiting for the current tape he is on to finish. Expressing his emotions, he moans “I’m ready to get this over with”(99). The actions of Clay shows that he does not want to take part in these tapes anymore. Comparing this example, Clay yet again is changing his attitude. Observing this, readers recognize the main character does not want to be in the position he is, but continues to change throughout the novel to change throughout the book.

The first example of how the main character changes throughout the book  is that Hannah Baker starts off as an innocent and carefree girl. She is young and new to town and wants nothing more than a fresh start. In the first summer there, she meets a boy who she starts to like and likes her back. Hannah “simply wanted a kiss and [she] wanted [her] first kiss to be… innocent”(23-25).  Rumors, however, spread like wild fire and soon Hannah’s reputation starts to change. She goes  from being known as the pure new girl to being known as a girl with a damaged reputation. This newly developed image of Hannah is based off of lies and it has a lasting effect on her.  Before this, she is not worried what others thought of her and, for the most part,  lived carefree. After this, though, she begins to second guess her actions and think about the long term results that could come from them.  Her innocence was taken away from her and this starts a chain reaction of changes in Hannah’s life .




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