June 2

ELA B30: June 2 “Escape” story and assignment…

  1. Students were reminded that any late assignments have to be completed by this Friday.
  2. We began the next sub unit that discussed Universal Issues such as Truth and Justice. We listed a few examples of issues that are Universal to make it clear – that no matter what culture, time period, religion, government style, country, etc, these issues are important to all people.
  3. Students were given a short story to read titled “Escape” that is a science fiction piece. I reviewed for the students that literature written in this genre usually has a negative perspective of the use of Science in the future. In this story, students can decide for themselves whether science is used or viewed negatively or positively.
  4. Students were asked to read the story, answer the six attached questions at the end and then choose one of the following assignments:
          1. Write a formal literary body paragraph using reference from the story to respond to the prompt that “People only do what they believe is right”. Their handout explains the requirements and evaluation for that.
          2. Write a poem that discusses one of the Universal Issues we came up with. It can be free style or rhyming and must include at least four types of figurative language (not four examples of one kind of figurative language). Students were given a handout for this as well, detailing the requirements and the rubric.  Here is a link to definitions of most types of Figurative Language.
    Whichever they choose to do, the assignment is due Friday.

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