May 14

B30: May 14 Viewing Mel Gibson’s version of Hamlet…

  1. Students were finally able to start watching the movie for the play of Hamlet. This is the same movie version the “Unknown student” used to create the separate acts in his own condensed version of the play. It was nice to see and hear from them that they were remembering parts of the play they’d forgotten had happened, or recognizing things as it was played out. It’s a very good movie. We’ll continue it tomorrow during our class.
  2. A reminder, as well, that the Hamlet essays are due tomorrow. A few people have asked for extensions because they have course deadlines in their Calculus by correspondence and such. All other essays, though, are expected to be in tomorrow or you’ll possibly have to start over again if I mark the rest and return them before you hand your own in. (Them’s the rules, right?!)

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