September 6

ELA 20 Sept 6 A1 Reflecting on Childhood – CC Task Options

Compose and Create (CC): You have two options for the Compose and Create portion of this section.
1. Create a poem using an online magnetic poetry website:
Go to an online magnetic poetry website and use the magnetic words to arrange a 10 line (minimum) poem about your youth. Once completed, capture an image of the poem (screen shot or snipping tool from Start Menu) and save it as an image file. You can post it to your blog, if you remember how, with an explanation of its meaning.
2. Create a Wordle that includes at least 40 words of your childhood memories or experiences:
Find an online Word Cloud Genertor and make sure to test the site to ensure it works before entering your words. Enter in your 40 words. To have some words appear larger and infer they are more significant, make sure to repeat those words more often. Again, once finished take a snapshot or use the snipping tool to capture an image of your word cloud. You can share this in an email. Your wordle needs to include your name.
Note: You can type your words out into a word file and paste them over to the app. Sometimes students have typed things out and then had to start over.

3. Create a Storify collection of posts from social media (Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook).
You can use the website or app Storify to collect meaningful posts that fit with this topic of reflecting on childhood. In Storify, you search hashtag phrases and collect (drag and drop) posts into a feed that is then published as an embeddable post. See the sample below.

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