December 2

ELA A30 Assignment: Presenting Spoken Poetry (Resources)

You’ll have an assignment where you’re asked to select a poem of at least 15 lines written by a Canadian poet of an appropriate difficulty level for Grade 12. You’ll prepare/practice your oral presentation of the poem and record it, combine that audio with image files using a multimedia program, like iMovie, and publish a polished multimedia project as a final product.

Here are student samples of this project, shared with their permission:

  1. Listening to Samples of Spoken Poetry: To help you get in the mindset of what proper speaking of poetry sounds like, there are resources collected here to support you.

    Website of celebrities or poets presenting spoken poetry. 

      • In particular, you can listen to the very last poem spoken by actor Anthony Hopkins. Another is a Shakespeare sonnet spoken by the voice of “Darth Vader”, James Earl Jones.

    Video Reviewing Poetry Speaking: This resource reviews five specific things to consider when preparing to speak poetry orally.

  2. Selecting a Canadian Poem:
    1. There are hundreds of poems to select from on this resource page. 
    2. There are also Canadian poetry anthologies (poetry collections) in books in the classroom to flip through.


Starting Your Poetry Project:

  • Instructional Video – reviews the characteristics of multimedia, the tools to consider using in video making, and some of the steps to begin.