March 15

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas – class novel study

If you’ve missed being in class for some of our readings, you can read/listen to the chapters from here.

Complete the following Activities/Handouts as you read through the Chapters.

  • Chapter 1: (Printed) Socrative Comprehension Questions
  • Chapter 2: Handout Questions & Themes Overview
  • Chapters 3-4: Handout Descriptive Writing Activity Personal View vs Bruno’s View, Character Analysis Questions (first pass answers in Blue font, second pass answers in Green font)
  • Chapter 5: Teams Reading Fluency Assessment to complete (in ELA 7-8 Channel)

Sample Descriptive Writing: View from my window
I sometimes like to sit in the dark and look out the window that stands tall along my front door. In the dark is when the soft, yellow fairy lights glow wound along and through the black spindles of my front steps. There’s a city light down the street a little, so it also lets me see the outlines of objects on the street, whether they’re cars of neighbours or the silhouette of someone walking their dog past my house. The steps beyond the front door are wide set, so there’s an easy view to the whole front yard, which usually offers a beautiful patterned view of tall grasses, round shrubs with soft green petals guarding the spikey branches, the round outline of the grass as it winds in and out in a loop, the dark brown of the new earth dirt on its outside with perennials and large flat stones to protect it. This view represents a calm mood to me, because whether it’s in the cool or warm seasons I can sit out there


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