February 3

Creative Writing – Proust Questionnaire

Strong writers have reflected on many of their own preferences or biases in writing, which often is relayed to readers through the characters developed. One well-known French author constructed a Questionnaire for writers to fill out that asks them 35 questions to make them reflect on some of their habits of thought, preferences in what they read, and other questions. From that, it can help them become more aware of their writing habits or even be used to help de

David Bowie Answers the Famous Proust Questionnaire – Brain Pickings

velop realistic characters in their texts.

Instructions for you:

  • Make a Copy of the following Google Doc that includes the list of 35 questions. Take time to reflect/respond to them; you could even consider doing them out of order or returning to responses and changing or adding to answers.
    • Once done, we’ll share some of the responses you’ve developed. We can choose this sharing to be done anonymously.
    • Make sure you share it back to me @ my gmail account.
  • Once finished, there are many writing prompts to choose from at the following link.
    • Pick one of the prompts to develop a response to it.
    • Pick any 2-3 of the Questionnaire prompts that you responded to that relate to the Writing Prompt you’ve picked. Make an effort to include some reflection in the writing of your responses to the questions.

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