November 17

Sub Plans – Wed Nov 18

See if this goes as smoothly as last time!

Period 1: You’ll cover for someone.

Period 2: Psych 30

  • Students will finish a writing assignment they started yesterday. They can run it through Grammarly (log-in and password on the whiteboard in the room) before sharing/submitting for marking.
  • They can next look through their Interview Assignment – in their handouts. They’ll have to confirm who they are interviewing (a woman about her pregnancy experience or a local midwife) and individually read through the list of possible discussion topics in the handout.
    • Develop at least 25 questions you’ll send to your Interview Participant, so they can preview them and determine if some questions they’d rather pass on.
    • Share those questions with me via Google Docs – once I preview them, you can share them with your participant along with the Consent Form.
    • Decide on a time and method for the interview – via online meeting, during or outside of class time soon, audio recorded for note taking, etc.
    • Read through the assignment sheet to confirm what will be expected and evaluated.
    • This will count as class 1 0f 4. Use your time as best you can!

Period 3: ELA B30

    • These students have worked for two days planning formal debates from our Hamlet study.
    • The ones working together in the classroom know to wear their masks in closer proximity. Others working from home will join in online Breakout Rooms to work with partners present in the classroom. This is class 3 – they should be well on their way to preparing for their debate. They could try debating each other on their topics – try to counter a claim one partner may make.
    • They can also watch some YouTube videos on Debate Strategies. I’ll post some to the Teams Channel they can consider.
      • One really helpful tool I’ve shared with them is a Debate Structure Planning website. It includes an ongoing virtual debate on whether Hamlet is mad; it’s open to public viewing. Individuals have developed For and Against Claims, included the supports for the individual claims as well as rebuttals to refute each.

Is Hamlet Mad?

After Lunch – please remember to sanitize the desks/tables before the next cohort comes into the room for the afternoon.

Period 4: Social 10 

  • First half of class – New Block of Current Events/Mapping. 1st of 3 30 minutes periods for it.
  • That means they switch their current event focus – from Canada to global or vice versa.
  • Second half of class – continuing to review for Unit test Friday. I will share with them a review video of the terms list they have and a practice Socrative quiz to help them test whether they understand the content like they may think they do.
      • If you have any advice for them on how to answer multiple-choice questions, they may be new to this type of testing measure.
      • This video covers some good test-taking strategies. It’s slow to listen to, but they could listen at their own pace if they watch it alone. It’s been shared to them in Teams.

  • Socrative Quiz Room # is on the whiteboard in the classroom.
  • There is also a Terms Review Pt 1 Video I recorded – it covers terms 1-14 of their Terms List if they want to follow along/take notes for review. It’s posted to them in Teams.
  • They should continue reviewing till end of class.

Period 5: ELA 9

  • Students responded anonymously to some Big Idea Questions about family conflicts. They needed time to develop a personal summary response at the bottom of pg 1.
  • Then you can read through the During Viewing questions on pages 2-3 together. Make sure they understand the concepts of Dynamic Characters and Parallel storylines (explained in sub notes) before starting.
  • The film is purchased on YouTube. You’ll have to switch accounts to the Kenaston ELA google account – instructions and screenshots with steps included on sub notes handout.
  • It’s a wonderful film; hope you enjoy it! Can you write down what the time position is that you finish at. Buses will start being called at 3:20.

Cheers! I expect it should be a productive, but non-eventful, day!

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