November 10

Tuesday – Sub Post

Period 1: Support another classroom

Period 2: Psych 30

  • If a majority of the students are there for class, they can finish watching The Business of Being Born. DVD is in the pc and the time is marked on the whiteboard by the desk where we left off last class.
  • If there aren’t many present, many of these students have work to complete. That should be the priority.
  • If someone is caught up, they can look in their handouts at the Pregnancy Interview section. There are prompts listed on the pages for the many aspects of a pregnancy – they can highlight or look for the ones they’re interested in asking their Interview partner next week. The instructions for the interview are there – they’ll have to pick/develop at least 20 or so questions for their partner.

Period 3: ELA B30

    • First 30-40 minutes: There is a virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony in our Division. The video stream is posted here to join for the class to watch/attend. It includes a countdown of when the live event will begin.

  • After Ceremony: Ask them each to check Teams on their laptops for a message from me.
  • There are a handful who also have work to complete in ELA: Sections to hand in, share or email digital elements of that work, or work on finishing an essay.
  • If some are done with nothing new to do, they could first decide if they could use that time for other homework catch up. If not, they could start prepping for their Debate assignment next week.

Period 4: Social 10

  • This will be a Current Events/Mapping Day. Today, Tuesday, you’ll use instead of the planned Wednesday for Week 2 in Block 2. Today should finalize your Block 2 entries/review of current events. You can have the whole class for this, to review the work so it’s ready to be assessed. 
  • The first priority, though is this checklist:
    1. Check that your Google Map Project is properly labelled.
    2. Check that you’ve Shared your Project with me at my gmail account.
    3. Identifying entries for evaluation: In your Layer One, pick 1-2 articles you want used for evaluation. These are the one(s) you think are the best developed, the best representation of your thinking and analysis of the article, to be assessed.
      • To identify them for me, go back into each entry and add a * behind the location to identify it as:
        • * = best one
        • ** = next best one
    4. Follow up and do the same for your Layer 2: You should have at least 2 entries to be evaluated in this block.










Period 5: ELA 9

[10:16 AM] Marcy Waldner

Tuesday: Creative Writing Class!
Afternoon, Crew! Kenaston ELA 9
I hope you enjoyed today’s Remembrance Day Ceremony shared virtually through our Division. Tomorrow is the day of Remembrance in Canada to reflect on all the individuals who volunteered to go support the war in Europe. They were fighting to protect citizens in countries where dictators were trying to gain power. They were fighting to protect Democracy, freedom of citizens and their rights.
You’ve been learning more about Democracy and freedom in Canada through our Social Studies classes. I’d like to offer you this class to explore your thoughts and ideas related to tomorrow’s special day and challenge you to come up with a way to express your thoughts in a unique and creative way.
This activity is only for this class. Be cautious to develop ideas for something you can accomplish within the time limit of today’s period.
Your creative work might begin with one of these ideas:
  • Write a letter to a soldier/peace keeper in Canada’s current military
  • Write a letter from a soldier at war (in either WWI or WWII) to a loved one back home recounting some of what they had experienced
  • write a short story of a young Canadian being drafted to the war
  • write a journal entry of a young soldier or someone today in Canada contemplating joining the military
  • Write an editorial/persuasive Letter to the Editor on the topic of wearing poppies, whether all Canadians should be forced to wear them or arguing about the freedom in that choice to wear them or not
  • write a poem about Remembrance Day – today experiencing it in Canada in reflection … or from the perspective of some part in Europe – perspective from the ground the soldiers faught upon, the artillery or new types or war technology, the submarines, etc
  • write a poem from the perspective of a young child who recognizes Canadians in military uniform as peacekeepers and her perspective of them and what they’re doing in her country
  • write a short play between characters related to Remembrance Day
  • Narrate your own dramatic/careful reading of a poem related to Remembrance Day. Record it, media edit in to include somber music to match the tone, include sound effects or visuals, abstract or war imagery, to create a video for your poetry reading
  • create a children’s book/video of Remembrance Day. Use a media making program to include visuals selected, organized, and edited together to go along with a story line you develop. Record yourself reading the story and edit it together for a video you could share with young kids sharing what Remembrance Day is about.
  • create a collage of images, photo editing or cutting out images from pictures, editing together into a poster with text, phrases, other media background for a visual representation of R.D. for yourself.
  • Create a graphic cartoon of sorts – selecting images related to Remembrance Day and sorting them on pages in the cartoon strip method, adding text over them to develop a type of story line.
  • What else comes to mind? What other creative ideas do you have for this?
Rely on your existing skills.
Ask for help from others to use tools you haven’t tried before.
Reach outside your comfort zone to try something original to you.
Avoid sticking with something easy and simple, like drawing on a piece of paper. (No one should do this!)
Think briefly about it and then dive into it.
Don’t worry if you’ll finish it or not. Just build an idea of something and give it a try!

Set a time – at 3:15 everyone share your project with me as a reply to this post (below) at the end of the class, even if it’s a photo of what you were working on.
Lest We Forget, We Remember Remembrance Day Poster | Remembrance day  posters, Remembrance day, Artwork
After that, have a wonderful 5 day weekend! Rest and recharge, please! Take care!


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1 thoughts on “Tuesday – Sub Post

  1. Marissa Townsend

    Sarah Miller shut the thin screen door behind her carefully as to not wake any in the house. They would be up soon anyway to start the daily chores, but if she were to wake them up she would get chewed out again. Harper-may would be especially cross if she had to start work early. The last time Sarah had woken up her sister, Harper made her help with the harder chores saying that if she had the time to be up at the crack of dawn then she had the time to work from the crack of dawn. Sarah didn’t want to help with the other chores, so today she let the others sleep.
    Turning around, Sarah hurried down the three porch steps and began along the short dirt road that leads to the end of her family’s property. She was finally old enough to go down the road alone and constantly flaunted her new power to her little brother Harry. She would even sometimes take him with her just to show how good a big sister she was. There wasn’t much along the road but at the very end was a small mailbox dressed in chipped white paint with a funny little red arm on the right side of the box.
    She had heard the loud sputter of an automobile yesterday evening and had wanted to know who it was, but Sarah’s mother had stopped her saying they would find out tomorrow. Sarah was reaching the end of the road where the property was bordered by a small grove of trees. Past the trees was a grid road that leads to other people’s houses and a small town. But that’s not why Sarah had made this morning escapade.
    Sarah skipped up to the little mailbox and unfastened the little latch holding it shut. The door swung down shrieking with rust. Sarah covered her ears momentarily, but then quickly snatched the large orangey-yellow pamphlet from out of the mouth of the little metal box. This is a funny looking envelope, Sarah pondered. She knew she shouldn’t, but carefully, Sarah unwound the sting keeping the envelope sealed and slid the documents up just enough to read the top letters. “Kh-on-skrip-tih-eye-on Kr-ih-sss-ihs” sounded Sarah. Mama will know what this means, thought Sarah. She slipped the papers back into the parsle and once again began skipping to the house.


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