November 3

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To support today’s classes while I’m home.

Psych 30:  We got to 15:16 into this video together.


ELA B30: Hamlet Review

Shared through Teams with the students are the following resources:

Below, I’ll share with you some resources you may use in your review process:
  1.    This video is very clear on the steps through the play.
  2. This video also walks you through many important parts of the play – who the character Hamlet was, why he struggled so much to decide things, how he spent so much time thinking that he didn’t notice the chaos he was causing to others, etc.
  3. Whole play multiple choice quiz – try if you want. It tells you if you’re right or not.
  4. Play Plot Analysis – this could help you understand the steps throughout the play increasing the tension towards all the tragedy
  5. Hamlet Study Guide – there are all sorts of links/pages on this website that break down and analyze parts of the play – the use of the Mousetrap play insert, the meanings behind the soliloquys, reasons why Hamlet delayed, etc. It’s full of stuff – browse as you like.
  6. Crash Course Literature videos: There are also many videos within this series on Hamlet you can skim through.

Remember, you’ll also be developing an assignment, a debate on a Hamlet topic, that you’ll need to rely on the text and plot for support. Consider using any of these resources for that as well.

There are many options for supports in understanding the play fully – use what you feel best supports your personal needs.
I’m online/available for questions through Teams today, if you need anything. Cheers!

Period 4: Social 10

Hi gang Kenaston Social 10 2020
Today is the start of the next 2-week block of time for your current events project work. Today you switch, so if last week you were studying events from world news, that means this block you switch to studying Canadian news.
  • Set a timer for the first 30 minutes of class to do current events. Share some of your work with me via Google Docs or your Google Map, so I can see how it’s going and give feedback on the development of it.
  • If you’re adding your events to your Google Map, remember this new 2-week block gets it’s own, new Layer in your map. The handout you were given shows you how to Add a Layer and continue adding locations/summaries of events. (See below.)
Then, you’ll transition back to our last work –
  • the Charter video summaries/questions assignment. Finish it up and submit.
  • Once done, do a brief search of the Charter portion you were assigned and be ready to explain what that section says/how it protects Canadian rights.
  • Once you’ve gotten those steps done, you can start reviewing your Unit 1 content for an exam coming shortly next week. (Likely late next week.)
I’m available on Teams if you need help with anything. Send me a note!
Hope you’re having a great Tuesday! It’s Election Day for our southern neighbours, though there may be no clear winner yet tonight. Something to watch for… Speechless​​

Period 5: ELA 9
Hi peeps Kenaston ELA 9

Today’s class activities continue to be quite independent work. Your goal should be to complete the following, in this order:
  1. Finish your responses for Section A3 and be prepared to hand it in. Do your best to fully support your answers.
  2. Continue developing your Creative Writing Poem – some of you are writing Found Poems and others writing more free style. You can share your writing with me through a Google Doc and I’ll give feedback on what you’re developing.
  3. I’ll ask you to audio record yourself Performing your poem. You should watch this short video to be reminded/see it modeled for you how to read poetry dramatically.
    1. If you’re ready for this step, ask to find a quiet place to record your writing.
    2. Be careful that you’re using a clear microphone with little background noise. Headphone mics work well for this.
    3. You might record it a few times, doing your best to get the clearest, most error-free pass in your oral performance.
    4. Once you’ve got your best version, you can submit it to me along with your poem.

  4. Optional Extension: if you are ahead in this work and have the time/interest, you can also use a media making program to edit your audio, add in sound effects or music in the background to enhance your performance audio.
    1. This link here opens a Blog Post that will help support you in this creative work. You can use websites from here (some with class usernames and passwords) to get audio sound clips or music to add to your poem.
    2. There is also information on this page about properly formatting media – to always include a type of introduction and conclusion, so a media text never abruptly begins or ends. You can try developing something yourself without too much guidance and we’ll see how you do with it!
      I’m available online through Teams if you have questions or are stuck on something!
      Hope you can have fun with this creative project! Smiley​​​​​​​


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