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ELA 9 Feb 1/17 Three Topics to Debate

It’s important after reading this play and watching a first sample of the film that you consider some open-ended question that have no exact answer. Without a true answer, the conclusions we come to as a class must be hashed out and debated.

The three questions we’ll discuss and find a conclusion to are:

  1. Who is the most honourable person in this play? (They would be the person to display the best characteristics.)
  2. Which character makes the worst decision in the play? (They’d be the decision that leads to the worst outcome.)
  3. Who is ultimately responsible for the tragedy that ends the play? (A single person we can agree is the ultimate cause of it.)
  • To mull over these questions initially, you can work through your responses with a partner or small group.
  • We will regroup, talk through what our initial reactions are to these questions, narrow our list of characters down for each question and then establish groups/sides for our ultimate debate.
  • Those sides/groups will then have to prepare arguments FOR their side of the debate topic as well as plan Defence AGAINST the expected arguments of the other side.


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