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ELA 9 Jan 31/17 Romeo + Juliet Movie: Personal Responses

You’ve just finished watching this unique interpretation of the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet.

What did you think of it?

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Write out a personal response as a Comment below. Ensure your response is:

  1. Think before you write/comment. Before writing, consider what you want to comment on.
  2. Written out considering an audience in mind (no shorthand language like in texting)
  3. Be specific about your comments. If you liked something, explain what in particular of that characteristic you liked.
  4. Be constructive with your reflections/criticisms. Comments can be developed to relay a personal preference, but not be overly critical of the movie.


  1. Your personal reaction to the film.
  2. Something positive you liked about it.
  3. Something (or whatever else) you disliked about it.



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8 thoughts on “ELA 9 Jan 31/17 Romeo + Juliet Movie: Personal Responses

  1. jennalynn16

    Romeo and Juliet Response
    I personally thought the film was fairly good they put a lot of work into it but I think they could have put more in. one of the parts ii hated most was how fast everything happened and everyone talked. I would way rather watch a long good movie than a short squished movie. I wish that they made everything modern or everything original. I did not like the fact that Paris did not die and that Romeo was not completely dead when Juliet woke up I wish it was exactly like the play. I loved the one actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The only parts of the movie that I actually liked was when Romeo and Juliet were together. If I were to make a movie based on this, I would make it original with nothing changed from the play and try to make it as alike as possible. I would personally get better actors but keep Leonardo. There were a lot of not possible scenes in the movie that made no sense for example when Juliet came out of her room, and Romeo was hiding, breathing loud, and talking, I think she would have herd him because I know that I would have. I liked the humor they put in it to make it not so boring and I also think that they had good fighting scenes. At least they did a better job than I would have.

  2. anniemaria21

    In class we watched Romeo + Juliet. This movie was ok; it was said in the original English from when it was wrote which I liked because I got to hear how it would have sounded in the original play. I did not like this movie however because the setting was modern but it was talked like it was originally. Which made it -inconsistent. The acting was done quite well at times but at other times it was not very well done and looked like some kids acting it out. Overall I did not enjoy the movie very much because it was inconsistent and not acted very well at points. I did however enjoy the original English.

  3. swaggerswoog

    Romeo + Juliet Response

    William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996) is a movie based on the text, The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The movie is set in modern times, however, the characters use old English in their scripts. I thought this was fairly confusing, and off-putting as well; it was strange for me since I would rather have a movie set all in the past, or all in the future, not a mix in between. On the contrary, this aspect makes the movie stand out more than many others, since it’s such a new concept.

    I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I might have, since it’s difficult to understand what the characters are trying to say. This may be because I was listening to the movie somewhat quietly, or because we didn’t have subtitles turned on. However, when we turned on the subtitles, I could understand what the characters were saying fluently. Although it was strange hearing them talk in old English, I thought it was interesting nonetheless. I feel that the movie followed the Shakespearean type of production closely and they pulled it off much cleaner than I thought they would. So, I would have to say that they were accurate in most of their portrayals of the story.

    I believe the movie should have been directed differently than it was. The director didn’t put emphasis on things that I thought were fairly important, and stressed things that I figured weren’t that crucial to the plot line. There were also some cinematic errors in the film, an example would be when Romeo had just gotten out of the pool and, in the next second, had already climbed onto the top of the balcony. I also felt that some parts, like Mercutio’s death, were executed poorly. If someone hadn’t known the story line, they would probably be confused about how Mercutio died. It doesn’t do a very good job of showing that Tybalt killed him, and he did it by stabbing under Romeo’s arm. It merely shows Tybalt, and then Mercutio’s shirt, then he’s screaming in agony; you don’t see the attack at all.

  4. firbalishous

    The movie isn’t great in my opinion, for the reasons its not easy to understand, the old English is very hard to comprehend.That does add an effect to the movie, though, it’s the original wording for all. The style was a little odd as well. But I liked how the characters were portrayed it added an interesting effect to the story. I disliked the music they played the same song over and over again, and it was annoying. But overall decent movie

  5. evem16

    My thoughts on Romeo and Juliet the movie was is wasn’t my favorite movie but it wasn’t my least favorite movie Something I did not like about the movie was how the movie was taken place in modern time but then the English was not in modern English and how it was in the original text. Another thing I didn’t like about the movie was how when the scenes would change and the angles would be from a helicopter because it was really high but the part I didn’t like about it was when the camera would zoom in and out on the building’s. the one thing I liked about the movie was how Leonardo DiCaprio was Romeo in the movie because he is a good actor. Eve

  6. liviasimo2016

    The movie was pretty good but at sometimes I didn’t like it. It was good because Leonardo DiCaprio was in it. After the party when Romeo goes over it is kind of weird because it seems like she would hear him because he was being loud. But she never did. I thought Mantua was going to be a bigger town but it is just a few little houses. On the way to the party was good because of the lighting and all that stuff. When he meets Juliet it is cool because they see each other through the glass. When Juliet is dancing with Paris it seems like he would’ve noticed that she was looking at Romeo but he never does notice. The actors were really good.
    I liked the Mercutio and Tybalt death scenes. They weren’t exactly like the books but they were still good. I thought that Tybalt would’ve shot Mercutio but he stabs him with a piece of glass. Before Tybalt kills Mercutio he was beating up Romeo and then Mercutio starts beating up Tybalt. Romeo gets in between and then Tybalt stabs Mercutio. When Mercutio dies on the sand, Romeo runs to his car and Benvolio chases him. Romeo gets away and takes off. He smashes Tybalt and then shoots him and he falls into some water. It is cool when Mercutio yells there is going to be a plague onto both families because it gets windy and everyone is still standing around. It is kind of cool how they use guns instead of swords.
    I didn’t like the ending because in the book he sneaks into the Capulets tomb but in the movie everyone knows that he is going and police are shooting at him and he is shooting back. He makes it in and then walks to her. He talks to her for a bit and then puts her ring back on her finger. Just as he is taking the poison in the movie she wakes up and goes to touch him but he gulps it down. She realizes that he is dying and then when he is dead she shoots herself in the head. In the book he takes the poison awhile before she wakes up and then when she sees him dead she kills herself.

  7. kayflo

    Romeo + Juliet Response
    The film William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996) is a movie based off of the original play The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The setting takes place in modern times, but the language is in old English. I thought that combining the two different times were weird, but it did make the movie more unique, since there are a lot of movies of the play out there, this one would definitely stand out. The film was quite confusing at times, and it moved along pretty fast. I feel like the transitions weren’t done well.

    In my opinion I didn’t really enjoy it. I just thought that the acting was poorly done, except for Leonardo’s acting. It seemed really awkward at times, and the characters were really weird. I also think that the ending could have been done better, or a little more accurate. Overall I don’t think the movie was awful, but I also don’t think it was done well.

  8. rainbowunicorns16

    Romeo + Juliet Personal Response
    Romeo + Juliet, a film co-produced by Baz Luhrmann, Gabriella Martinelli and Craig Pearce, is a 1996 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. This movie is based on the 1599 version of The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Romeo + Juliet has taken quite a creative take on it, in this version it is very modern time. They use guns, cars, and very modern clothing. They also use old English with American accents which is a unique feature the director chose.
    Personally I didn’t enjoy then film. I feel this way for a few reasons. For one, it was difficult to understand the actors in the film. Sometimes they would be very quiet so you can hear them, other times they would be too loud so you can’t understand them. With this I feel the decision to make them use old English was creative but made it very hard to understand.
    Another reason I didn’t enjoy the film was because of the transitions from place to place. I think that the transitions were pretty rough. One moment they would be in one place, the next, they would be in a completely different place, without warning. I think this was one of the decisions the director wanted but I think it just wasn’t necessary and added a lot of confusion.
    In the film they also left out a lot of key things from William Shakespeare’s original play. Like the fact that Paris never died. This was a key part in the play feel because from what I know, the death of Paris is one of the main reasons the families came together. Another main part is that they left out the letter Romeo was going to send his family after he killed himself. Originally he was going to send a letter to his family telling them about the marriage, and why he did what he did.


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