January 6

ELA 9, 2017 B7 Starting Shakespeare (day 1)

We’ll have a fun, engaged, #activelearning class this morning in #ELA9! We’ll start #Shakespeare and will dig around online with the topic of #languagedevelopment – since the text of any #TheBard plays are brim-full of new language. We’ll explore online on a topic and go wherever the searches take us. We’re fortunate to have 1:1 #edtech #byod so each student is able to direct their own online discovery of this topic or go at their own pace.Image result for swagger meme

Starting with:

  1. Word of the Year: Several different dictionary companies/sites have identified a single word to represent that year
    Word of the Year 2014 – culture (rape culture, culture shock, culture of fear
    Word of the Year 2015 – not actually a word but an emoji, for the first time
    The Word of the Year for 2016 from the different Dictionary sites are: Brexit, Surreal, and Post-Truth.
    So Discuss:
    a) what is a Word of the Year (in general) and
    b) why is there such a thing? 
  2. Top 10 Words of the Year Lists: Several dictionaries also have narrowed down the top 10 important words of a year. Not all words are new, but possibly used in a new context or more often searched in that year as a response to an event of that year. What words stand out in a Top 10 List this year? 
  3. Newly-Added/Suggested Words to Dictionary Sites: Next, look at the words these dictionary companies have recently accepted as new suggested words to be added to their published dictionary, book copies or online sites. This is where we’ll have a lot of fun – there are a lot of mash-ups, or new word combinations to make a single word. One student asked once “How lazy are people?”, but it may be just the opposite of lazy, since it takes a bit more effort to create something new as opposed to using what exists.
    For yourself, collect a list of your Top 20 new words that you like. Some of our favourites have been:

    1. Double double – Canadian slang for “two cream-two sugars”
    2. Autocowrong – when autocorrect changes a word to the wrong word
    3. Noice – extremely good, very nice
    4. Confrustion – frustrating confusion
    5. Bromaid – a male bridesmaid
    6. Bulletize – to format a summary of text into bullet points
    7. Craydar – ability to be aware of crazy people in the vicinity
    8. Siq – cool way to spell “sick”
    9. Trumpatized – traumatized by the idea of Trump as President
    10. Bae- before anyone else
    11. #PMHT – pardon my hashtag
    12. Architectophile – a person with a strong interest in architecture
    13. Edventure – an educational adventure
    14. Squirkle – a square with rounded edges
    15. Legitly – in a legitimate manner
  4. Slang – shorthand language. Skim through this slideshow of viral slang for 2016. These words are different as they may not be recognized formally by a dictionary, but are still popular enough or used enough to have a recognizable meaning.
    One example surprised us: FB/LB which people will often post on Instagram. It means “follow back/like back”.
  5. Next Comes: Famous Movie Quotes Translated to Text Language
    This is an example of how culture and era of time impact language. Can you make your own famous movie quotes altered to use today’s common text abbreviations? 

This will be a lively, engaged and concept-attainment sort of class! Have fun with it!

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