September 30

ELA 9 Sept 30/16 “And the Lucky Winner Is” pdf

Click the link to read the colour pdf of the story, “And the Lucky Winner is”.



Here is a sample of creating a Found Poem using the short story text. You’ll see, I’ve indicated which page each line comes from, so I’ve used only 16 lines for the first 4 pages.
Remember, you have to be very selective and use only phrases necessary to relay the overall message.

The shameful hidden skill of telekinesis (p1)
Was a burden
Nev’s heliolite continued to spin (p2)
Nev lay still
“What if he never walks again?” (p3)
The doctor came
About spinal cord injuries
New techniques
In the field of nerve regeneration
A quarter of a million dollars
What are we going to do? (p4)

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