September 14

ELA 9 Sept 14/16 Personal Reactions to “The Landlady” sh story

We just finished reading the super creepy and dark story called “The Landlady”. What are your initial thoughts after reading it? Develop a reaction and leave it as a Comment below.

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8 thoughts on “ELA 9 Sept 14/16 Personal Reactions to “The Landlady” sh story

  1. Kaylan

    I am definitely not satisfied with the ending. It ended without an explanation, we can infer what happened, but we don’t know for sure.

  2. Brennon

    I don’t like how it ended, I would have liked it to tell us what happened. If they did I would probably be more satisfied.

  3. Jackson F

    It was good,I enjoyed it a lot. Although the ending felt empty. Like I want to know what happens next. It feels like it shouldn’t be over.

  4. Aidan

    My prediction was correct. I thought it was going to be left up in the air, and I was right. There isn’t any closure at the end. I wasn’t very satisfied with this ending, because it doesn’t finalize anything. I had a lot of theories about this story, but I didn’t get any confirmation. I have no idea if anything I guessed was right. Personally, I didn’t like the ending.

  5. Cole

    my prediction was wrong. I predicted that the person would die, and another would come by years later. I don’t like the ending because I don’t know what might happen to Billy, whether he leaves, dies, or something else. I thought the creepiness of the story was interesting, and the way the story was writen had a really great rising action and climax

  6. Jaxson

    Clif hangers are not always bad but this was the worst, its its like theres a nother paragraph she forgot to save or something. It was based around the man but the whole time u were trying to see the ladys point of view-jaxson boot


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