February 12

Art 9: Feb 12 Project one was due on Friday… but…

  1. Some people struggled handing in their photo projects on Friday. The Drop In box wasn’t readily accepting their files. Another issue we’ve come up against is that when a project is handed in with the Windows Movie Maker format, it isn’t able to be read by the computer’s version of that program. It is frustrating but we’ll work our way around it.
  2. To compromise, no late marks will be given to anyone who was able to hand in their project through a different means today in class. (They should have had their files finished and available to copy onto a thumb drive which is a no-fail way to do it.) If they were not ready to hand in their photos, they are late and will lose marks, unfortunately.
  3. The second project, the one of a similar format but the medium of using either charcoal or pastels that creates a certain mood, is due on Friday. Again, we may likely just hand in the photos using the thumb drive. Using technology, as we are, we have to be patient with little glitches and learn to work around them.
  4. There is a third project due for when students return after the break. They have been using the Pivot program to create online animation. Because this medium is so easy to use, they have to have an animation of 300 frames of more. I have stressed to them, though, that they are responsible for handing in their projects number one and two by the deadlines. We’ll see how responsible they are with their time. It is handy, though, for them to be able to work on an online project when their camera batteries die and leave them with time left in the class.

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