February 12

11 Law 30 Resources

Links and media to support course content.

Unit 1: Foundations of Canadian Law

01 Intro to Law

  • Intro to Law – links/videos for initial discussion of legal topics. Includes morals/laws discussion and Rules vs Laws text pages

02 Why do we Need Laws

03 Divisions of Laws

04 Roots of a Pluralistic Society

  • Resource Post – links and videos to understanding steps to Confederacy and our founding cultures

05 Fiduciary Duty to First Nations People

  • Resource Post – links to help you research each of the questions in this section

06 Unit End – Review


Unit 2: Constitutional Law and the Charter

07  Changing the Constitution – the Why

08 The Charter

Unit 3: Criminal (and Civil) Law

09 Criminal Law

10 Types of Criminal Charges

11 The Elements of a Criminal Offence

  • Blog Post w links to this section