May 12

May 12/16 B5 Short Story Options – Choose One

For this next section, you’ll have the choice between reading one of two short stories. They both focus on a character faced with a decision, but it’s a decision that’s based on Values.

“The Michelle I Know” is a story about a young girl battling an illness in the hospital. She’s scared her boyfriend will find someone else to spend time with and is befriended by another patient.

“Just Lather, That’s All” is a story about a young man who’s community is disrupted by a war. The leader of the opposition group enters his store for a shave and the young man must decide whether to take this opportunity or let it pass.

Pick one of the stories and on a sheet of paper identify any 8 of the following during your reading:

  • Make a connection to yourself
  • Make a judgement – what do you think about… ?
  • Make a connection to the world or society
  • Share what you visualize
  • Identify a single phrase or sentence that is significant for some reason to you and explain the reasoning
  • Share what puzzles you
  • Clarify something
  • Identify something that you feel is irrelevant or relevant
  • Summarize what’s happening
  • Ask a question about something related to the plot
  • Identify something unique about the writing
  • Identify what is motivating characters right now
  • Make a connection to another text you know of (story, movie, tv show)
  • Identify an example of inference (what is hinted at that the reader needs to read-between-the-lines to understand)
  • Share what puzzles you / what is unclear to you for the moment
  • Clarify something
  • Make a prediction
September 16

ELA A10 Sept 16, 2015 What you missed in class…

If you were away for Driver’s Training today, this is what we did in class without you. You’ll be expected to complete these steps at some point. Tomorrow, we’ll be continuing on so to catch up you could do the missed work tonight.

  1. We discussed the work you did as groups the last few days
    • identifying signs the narrator was insane (his repetition of words and phrases_
    • times when readers have to question the author’s perspective (thinking neighbours would be able to hear the old man’s heart beating)
    • we didn’t specifically look at Rising Action events, but mentioned the story starts out with tension established by even the first few lines (“True! — nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous”) as well as stating the narrator “made up [his] mind to take the life of the old man”.
    • We discussed the climax moment – it is just between the last paragraph and first word of the last line. (“hark! louder! louder! louder! louder! – – ‘Villains!” I shrieked”)
  2. We talked through the three questions lower on the page:
    • Questions you had after / while reading the text
    • style of the author to make a great reading experience
    • what you can “know” and what you “think you know”
  3. To Do: We then jumped to a viewing activity. I have three visual representations of “The Tell Tale Heart” for us to view. You’ll be watching / listening / observing them to compare:
    • the narrator’s use of voice
    • character motions / movement
    • visual effects used to enhance mood
    • sounds used / sound effects and music
      • There’s a chart in the handout attached. If you want to watch these videos and fill in some details for these (above) characteristics before class tomorrow, you’ll have caught up and be ready to move on with the group.Handout: Use the chart on page 4: A3 The Value of Imagination – Tell Tale Heart
    • These are the three videos we are watching to compare (below)
    • When you watch, try listening without viewing for the first few minutes, to really focus on the voice and sounds.



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