March 31

ELAB10 Equality – Responsibility to Others in the World

We’ve recently finished studying events in history where culture groups were in need of protection from persecution. It’s a pretty heavy, but important, topic!

In our discussions yesterday we made comparisons of more recent world events, after the Travel Ban (#1) was enacted in America. The reactions from people across the USA were amazing to see; the positive reactions were amazing. The negative ones, discouraging.

I said I’d collect some of the examples so you can see what happened.


January 31

ELA B10 Jan 31/17 Equality – Do we have a fair and equal society?

Your B10 course will be much like your ELA A10 course, but the two halves will focus on different themes. They’ll study literature exploring:

  1. Equality

  2. Decisions

To start your Equality unit, you’ll watch a movie about a young boy who earns a football scholarship to a private, ivy league school. (Ivy league would mean it’s a school rich and prominent people send their kids to so they can be prepared to go on to ivy league universities, like Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard. These are some of the most prestigious colleges in America and many years ago, they were mostly for White students only.)

While you’re watching the film, track some of your ideas, personal responses, and predictions in the linked Google Doc. We’ll review the comments you’ve left after watching and use them to start our discussions.

Google Doc Active Viewing Document Link 




Scan the QR Code to access the open Google Doc for During Viewing Comments.