March 31

ELAB10 Equality – Responsibility to Others in the World

We’ve recently finished studying events in history where culture groups were in need of protection from persecution. It’s a pretty heavy, but important, topic!

In our discussions yesterday we made comparisons of more recent world events, after the Travel Ban (#1) was enacted in America. The reactions from people across the USA were amazing to see; the positive reactions were amazing. The negative ones, discouraging.

I said I’d collect some of the examples so you can see what happened.


September 15

ELA A30 Sept 15/16 “Canada is not Canada” – Gord Downie reflects on Canadian myth

In section A3, since you’re all selecting different non-fiction works to read, the “Connecting Text to Text” section on page 1 of the handout won’t apply to you.

Instead, take a moment to read this article of a recent new release by The Tragically Hip frontman/lead singer/ song writer Gord Downie where he makes the comment that “Canada isn’t Canada”.

  1. In the box given, list a few of his reasons for making that claim.
  2. Explain what he means by saying “Canada isn’t Canada”.
February 22

Feb 22 – Showcase Reading

In spending time setting goals for your Semester 2 courses, we would like to start a conversation with you about Multitasking while working and Distracted Learning. There’s an article link posted here. Please read the article and, once finished, join Socrative Room 252858 to respond to a few questions. Once finished, we will combine all the student responses to see if there are shared responses to the article. You will also get an individual PDF with your responses that may be shared along with the article link with your parents to encourage a continued discussion of this topic at home.





Try the link here. 

March 21

Grade Twelve Portfolio Reflection Prompts

Today is a writing day for the kids.  I would like them to write about their experience with the student showcase.  I would like them to comment on the following:
a)  Were they prepared?  If they were prepared what did they do to make sure they were ready?  If not, what could they have done differently?​
b)  What did they enjoy about the actual interview process?
c)  What will they like to see for the next student showcase for the 2014-2015 school year?