March 21

Soc 8: Mar 21 Playing catch up and poetry writing…

  1. Students missing more than four assignments out of the seven had to make phone calls home to tell their parents they were missing so many and make it clear they needed help getting their work done tonight. Anything not handed in by tomorrow will marked zero.
  2. Students with work completed already used this time to construct a list of 40 phrases or words to describe themselves. This seemed to prove difficult for many. This list of words is due to be completed for everyone by next Monday, our next class.
March 19

Soc 8: Mar 19 End of video / discussion of identity…

  1. Students finished viewing the movie Bye Bye Love.
  2. Students were given a handout to review the movie and we labelled each of the main characters, listed adjectives (or descriptive words) to describe what the personality or identity was of each and looked ways each were unique.
  3. Students have an assignment to answer a sheet of questions regarding themselves and others in the country, province, and community. What is the one thing that makes you the most unique? This is due to be completed for Wednesday’s class.
March 13

Soc 8: Mar 13 Identity and Unit three…

  1. We began with a few questions written on the board that students wrote down and we discussed briefly. Who are you and what makes you you? Do you recognize that you are one person when you are at home with your family (maybe a bit more quiet, pay attention to what you’re told better) and a different person when you are with your friends or at school (like you are more rambuncious and loud, make jokes more, and listen less). Do you compare yourself to other people in your class? You might want to be as smart as one person or as popular as another person. Who are you in this class? Are you ‘the smart one’, ‘the loud one’, the ‘goofy one’, ‘the quiet one’?
  2. With these thoughts in mind, students began watching a video titled Bye Bye Love. Each individual in the movie is trying to figure out who they are and each one has their own identity (the nervous one in denial, the gruff one who hates his ex wife, and the player one who is trying to date many women yet still be a good father). Students will watch this video and then we will refer to it through our discussions in the unit.
March 7

Soc 8: Mar 7 Polling results and study class…

  1. Students had the assignment to come prepared to class with ten responses from people on the possible petition to create a by-law in Coronach to make it unlawful to leave a child unattended in a running vehicle out of proximity or eye-sight. The results, based on what the students returned with, was the support of 131 people and discouragement from 7.
  2. Students got together in small groups to go through the given study guide to prepare for their unit test on Friday. If they know the answers to these questions, they will be well prepared for their exam.
March 5

Soc 8: Mar 5 Poster presentations and exam review…


  1. Students each took turns presenting their poster and individual they chose to highlight who made a contribution in their soceity.
  2. Students were given an assignment for next class on Wednesday. They are to contact 10 people and get ‘feedback’ from them on our proposal to make a by-law in Coronach to make it unlawful to leave children (under the age of 12) in a running vehicle unattended. Students are to see what people think and we will pool the reactions together to see if there is support enough in the community to carry forward with an actual petition.
  3. Students were reminded how poorly the did on their last unit test. A review sheet was given to make it clear what they are expected to know for their exam. We read through several of the questions together. All the answers should be found in their notes.  Click on the handout above for a copy.
February 27

Soc 8: Feb 27 Pc time to research individual who has made a difference…

  1. Students have an assignment to find an individual who has made some contribution to their country, community or society. They will be constructing a poster to represent this individual’s accomplishments. For next class, they should have all the information necessary to begin composing that information on their poster.
  2. Also, I approached the students today with a challenge to them. There was a child fatality in Calgary over the holiday break. A parent left her two-year old child in the vehicle while it was running when she ran a quick errand in a nearby store. While she was away from the vehicle, the child got out of the car seat, was able to use the power window button to let the window down, and while she had her head through the window she accidentally pressed against the button again and the window was closed on her neck. The child was heard or found by a nearby stranger who removed her from the window and, since they could not revive her, set her in the seat and ran to the nearest store to call 911. While the stranger was making the call, the mother returned to her vehicle, saw her two kids sleeping (so she thought) and left the scene to continue on with her errands. It wasn’t for another forty minutes until she realized her child had died.
    There is no law against leaving children in a running vehicle in Saskatchewan or Alberta, possibly even in all of Canada, but maybe there should be. In the past, power windows were not equipped in every automobile so the likelihood of trouble was less with the majority of vehicles having manual windows. Now, with so many power window vehicles, maybe we should have a new law enacted to protect children in these vehicles.  As we have been discussing in our studies, laws in Canada change as the needs of Canadians change. Maybe this law is something Canada is ready for. The students all seemed interested in trying to do something so we’re going to give this ‘something’ a try. We’ll keep you posted and see how things go.