January 21

Social 10: Canada’s Mixed Economy

Canada began with and is still widely reliant on its agriculture industry. Because of its importance to the country and globally, different initiatives have been developed to help support that industry.

  1. Research online to learn about the following topics:Image result for canadian wheat board
    1. Canada’s National Policy
    2. The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
    3. The Co-operative/Credit Union movement
    4. The Canadian Wheat Board
  2. For each, find information to explain:
    1. why the policy or organization was necessary? (what did it hope to accomplish?)
    2. what effect did it have?
January 9

Social 10 Standards of Living

Here are some additional sources to help us better understand some of the concepts we’re learning about:

  1. a) What does GDP stand for? Explanation and notes from video

1.b) Government spending it part of the calculation of GDP. What percentage of Canada’s GDP comes from government spending, compared to other countries? 

Canada Government Spending – percentage of GDP

1. c) Growth rate of Canada’s GDP (image below)













  1. d) Human Development Index: The measure by the United Nations that ranks countries according to literacy, life expectancy, and GDP.Human Development Index Website



2. World Bank measures the wealth of each country.

  • Consider from the website given the countries listed as wealthy compared to those listed as very poor. What do you recognize of where wealth in the world exists and where it doesn’t?

The World by Income – site













  • Comparison of two bordering countries with vastly different living standards: Botswana and Zimbabwe

Article: Why Botswana is Better off than Zimbabwe









3. The World Bank (The International Monetary Fund – IMF)

The World Bank – Canada’s page

November 30

Social 10 Current Event Links

Our Social 10 studies have included the following topics:

  • necessity of a social contract in society
  • the roles of citizens and government in working together
  • Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • characteristics of Democracy Canada enjoys, but are not equal throughout the world
  • personal paradigms compared to political ideologies
  • philosophers that influenced political thinking related to needs of people vs government
  • Conservatism vs Liberalism ideologies, focused on different goals
    • whether a country is more left or right leaning on the horizontal scale of economy
    • whether a country is more left or right leaning (and up or down) on the vertical scale of social order


Examples from recent current events that connect to these ideas from class are posted below:

  • Supreme Court Rules Reporter Must Share ISIS Notes with Police (link)
October 17

Social 10 05.1 Inquiry Project Links

You’ve done research projects before, where you gathered data on a topic to learn more about it. The end result of that process was learning and possibly a summary of facts.

You’re about to do an Inquiry Project; this is different.

An Inquiry Project:

  • begins with a specific question on a topic you want to learn more about
  • it can be from a number of question options offered or one you develop on your own
  • from your research on that specific question, the goal is to find the answer and form a personal conclusion/judgement on the topic.


We’ve studied the number of ways Canada is a democracy. Your inquiry project will relate to democracy in some way, either related to Canada, in comparison of one country to Canada, or studying another country entirely.


The list of questions offered to help you get started in your thinking:
(The red font indicates someone’s picked this topic.)

  1. In comparing qualities of Canada to another country of the world, what makes Canada a better democracy than the other country?
  2. Consider whether all countries in the world should be democracies.
  3. Democracy is faltering in the international community; it’s weaker now than it’s been in ten years. Why is that?
  4. What is changing in Poland, Turkey, Hungary or Venezuela to jeopardize their democracy rating on the index?
  5. Some countries are rated to have lower freedom levels of their citizens. Pick one of these countries and find out what indicators exist to claim those citizens have a lower level of freedom?
  6. Is Canada (currently or within the last decade) improving or sliding on the index as a democracy?
  7. Part of being a democracy is protecting the rights of citizens; when and how has Canada failed to protect citizens?
  8. Is Canada currently or has it ever violated the human rights of Canadians?
  9. What would make Canada more democratic on the index scale? (There are currently 5 other countries listed as more democratic than Canada.)
  10. How is the quality of life of a Canadian in a highly democratic nation different from the quality of life of a citizen in a flawed democracy or authoritarian country?
  11. Myanmar was growing towards a democracy in the last few years, but many believe it has failed and stalled. What was changing in that country and is hope lost for the future of democracy for those people?


Resource Links: 

Discussion example: 
In 2004, I lived with teachers in Prince Albert who taught at the Carlton High School. They were Ukranian and I recall them being concerned with an upcoming leadership election in the Ukraine. There were concerns of political corruption or interference, so several people worldwide were selected to go to the Ukraine to “monitor” and be witness to that election to be able to report back to the global community about the fairness of the election. The father of the family I stayed with travelled there to be one of these witnesses. It was around the same time that one political leader of the Ukraine was potentially poisoned – it caused clear damage to his face and body. As someone unfamiliar with stories from other countries, you may be surprised to learn of such corruption. It makes us more appreciative of Canada’s rule of law.
Now, 14 years after his poisoning, this former Ukrainian president has shared his reflections of his experience. 

Image result for ukrainian politician poisoned


October 12

Social 10: 05 Making Decisions in a Parliamentary Democracy

Links to support the topics in the 05 section. This section covers the safeguards that work together in our Parliamentary system to ensure no one abuses power and it is held accountable.