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ELA B30 Podcast Listening Activity – List of Options

In your current section of ELA work, you will practice some listening skills by selecting a podcast related to a social issue and working through some active listening tasks. The podcast should be at least 25 minutes in length approximately and on a topic that relates to an issue either nationally or globally significant in our time.

Image result for podcastsNote: Even though this is a World Literature course and shouldn’t have any Canadian content, the topics of these Canadian podcasts are relevant beyond Canada’s borders so they are acceptable topics to focus on.

Double Note: For anything longer than 30 minutes, you can listen to the 1st 25 minutes of your podcast and jump to listen to the last 5. Don’t let length interrupt choosing a topic you’re interested in. 

The following have been screened for you and would be acceptable choices.

  1. Why are so many young Canadians homeless and what should be done about it? 39 mins
  2. Vice Reporter says RCMP’s demands for his notes puts journalism at risk. 26 mins
  3. In a safe, subsidized apartment, this 21 year old is beginning to imagine his future. Born to a drug-addicted prostitute in Prince Albert, a 12 year old lives on the streets and survives. 27 mins
  4. The elephant in the room: women with medically fragile kids that need daily medical care to stay alive. 26 mins
  5. Ijeoma Olvo urges us to have better conversations about race. 44 mins
  6. Why Ing Wong-Ward “won’t” choose medically assisted death. 25 mins
  7. Why a couple married 73 years chose doctor-assisted death together. 24 mins
  8. Escaping “the man box” – how parents raising sons are rethinking masculinity. 23 mins
  9. We can’t cower to intimidation: Jewish community in Germany reacts to growing alt-right party support and rising anti-semitism. 23 mins
  10. The War at Home: documentary looks at Canada’s failure to help women flee partner violence. 24 mins
  11. Belle: Counselling sessions with a woman suffering from post-partum depression and a woman struggling with an eating disorder. Samples of improvements because of counseling.  25 mins
  12. Violent misogyny found in “incel” (involuntary celibacy) is a form of terrorism, says author. (Relates to the man who drove a van over Toronto sidewalks killing several people.) 25 mins
  13. Is India’s gender imbalance to blame for the rise in violence against women? (There are 37 million more males than females in India) 24 mins
  14. Humboldt Broncos player’s organ donation prompts call for stronger protocol around consent. 23 mins
  15. How bad is Canada’s food waste problem? Among the world’s worst, report finds. 23 mins

International Podcasts: 

  1. Discussion on what “home” means to homeless people. 44 mins
  2. Prenatal blood testing changed modern medicine, particularly in diagnosing Down Syndrome babies and possibly deciding to end those pregnancies. 30 mins
  3. Climate change denial is similar to the controversy that happened decades ago when evolution was first taught as fact in schools. The trend in denying science. 39 mins
  4. A look into the interesting facts on the development of a teenage brain; it’s like a sports car. 35 mins Juvenille offenders in the US are sentenced to mandatory sentences, like life of even the death penalty. Science proves, though, teenage brains function differently, so this podcast follows the efforts of lawyers to use that science to reduce the sentences for youth found guilty of murder, so they won’t be killed or live their lives in prison.
  5. Reality tv shows are popular, but fabricated reality. The United Nations attempted to use this type of reality show to influence citizens of Somalia to adapt their views on democracy and freedom. 50 mins
  6. The Woman Behind a Secret Grey’s Anatomy Experiment. 33 mins In the 80s when HIV was epidemic, people believed it was a disease only homosexuals could be infected with and die, until heterosexual young people, young women included, became infected. They told their stories so people would understand it could infect anyone.
  7. Living in between gender categories. Meet someone who lives part of their life as a woman and other parts of their life as a man. 48 mins
  8. Flipping the script – police are trying to reduce radicalization of young people in Denmark by showing love and compassion. 60 mins
  9. Working for Doctors Without Borders at a massive refugee camp in Somolia. What is it really like? 30 mins
  10. How friendships and quiet conversation transformed a former white nationalist. 52 mins
  11.  Conversation on the soul in depression. 51 mins
  12. Living in a Syrian refugee camp in Greece – what stories of hope and charity can be found in a place like that? 79 mins (listen to parts)


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