April 25

ELA 9: Ap 25 Winding Down a Year of ELA 9

We’re about to finish our ELA 9 time and begin our focused time studying Social 9.

  1. To reflect on what you hoped for at the beginning of ELA this year, go back to your blog and find the Assess and Reflect Fotobabble (audio) recording you completed where you reviewed how you felt class was going a few weeks in and what goals you hoped to have met through the course.
  2. After listening to your Beginning-Of-The-Year reflection, record an End-Of-The-Year reflection and post it to your blog. This last reflection should include:
    1. What you hoped for from your beginning of year reflection recording.
    2. A review of that – were any of those goals met? did the class continue in a similar way as your first impression?
    3. Focus on some goal-setting forward for next year – what do you anticipate from next year’s Gr 10 class where timelines, completing projects, marks will count? what goals do you want to set to focus on next year? how do you anticipate the class will change?
    4. Consider as well whether you’re becoming more comfortable risking failing to test your skills. How might that continue next year when marks do count?

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