November 10

ELA A30 A7.1 Assignment – Editorial Writing

One of the objectives of the A30 curriculum is for you to develop, revise, and publish an Editorial. This is very much like writing a persuasive paper. You’ll have your handouts provided for you with some resources, but here are additional resources for you to use in getting a real sense of what an Editorial is actually like. 

Sample Topics Others Have Chosen:

  • Distracted Driving in Canada
  • Water Drainage Issues for Farmers in Canada
  • Coyote Control in Rural Areas
  • Cell Phone Use in Schools (Rules in Schools)
  • Northern Youth Suicide Numbers
  • Rape Culture in Mass Media
  • Moose Culling Protested
  • Proposal for women to have to uncover their heads/faces for Gov services (Quebec)
  • Criticisms of financially supporting Syrian refugees and not homeless or F.N. quality of life
  • Carbon Tax proposed by Federal Government – implement in 2 years in prov
  • Increased White Supremacist activity in Canada (post Trump election) – hate/race crimes


Sample Editorial: with Word doc Comments to read through as a guide



Transition Words/Persuasive Signal Words:

  1. Transition Words:
  2. Transition Words:
  3. Persuasive Words:

Ultimate words and phrases




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