September 26

ELA 20: Sept 26 Skills review / “How to do Battle with Grown-Ups”…

  1. We set Monday as the deadline for the paragraph assignment. Students also took down the list of writing skills we have reviewed and practiced in the course. There will be an exam towards the end of next week to test their understanding of the literature, our focus in discussing it, and the skills they’ve developed.
  2. We looked at a few student examples of the same paragraph assignment they are finishing. These were written by students of mine in Goodsoil last year. By looking at paragraph examples, the benefit is that we walked through the six-sentence functions for each one, pointed out specific errors made or those parts that were well-done, such as a properly integrated reference.
  3. Next, I introduced and showed them a portion of a movie where a divorced father tries to make some quality time with his teenage daughter but she manipulates the moment to create tension and an argument, her way of protesting her family’s situation. We talked about it, as a class, some of the tricks or ploys kids can use against their parents to gain ground or get their way. This was all discussed to introduce the article we read together in class, then, titled “How to do Battle with Grown-Ups”. It was a satirical piece of writing meant to mock the clash between growingly-independent children / teens and the parents who fight to maintain the upper ground. We discussed the questions together briefly but will have to continue and reconsider it on Monday.

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