June 18

ELA B30: June 18 Review of all titles and charting sub-themes…

  1. Today would have been a great review class for those who were here. (Ahem… hint hint to the few who’ve quit, apparently!) Students were given a chart yesterday with columns for literature titles and each of the sub-units in the two parts of this course. The purpose of today’s class and review was to look at each individual story and decide if it can relate to any of the other sub-units. When studying, it will help them to narrow down their review of specific literature titles to the ones that are the most versatile and can be used to answer practically any question the exam will pose to them.
  2. We listed the titles in the order we studied them in the course, from February on, and did a quick recap of the plot of the story and how it could fit each theme. It was a good review of the course and helped to show how the ideas are mostly interlinked giving a nice holistic view of the class. They did a good job of participating in this review, even Curtis. (Insert gritty smile here. lol)
  3. Tomorrow, I’ll give them a choice – they can either do a bit of review for how to brainstorm and plan to respond to one of the essay questions (my choice for them) or let them watch a bit of the Animal Farm movie (likely their choice) but we’ll see how persuasive I can maybe be!
  4. They also were given a handout that has the answer key to the first three sections of the practice departmental exam they started and were given back yesterday. They can check it to see how they did. Also, I had a handout about using transitional phrases in their writing that we didn’t have time to study in class. I gave them the handout anyway for those who may have an interest in looking through it to see / realize how they likely already use transitions but can work to improve that for the final.
  5. The end is near! One more day! Bring your tissues; I’m sure you’ll be saddddd…… right?

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