June 16

ELA B10: June 17 Final exam content / review of course…

  1. We only have two classes together this week. (Students are going to be away Tuesday on a Golfing field trip and Thursday they’ll be going bowling.)
  2. Students were given a copy of the literature lists for both units in the B10 class. They should have their copies still but this copy has a few titles / assignments crossed out because we were unable to get to them this year. Any of the literature studied since the beginning of the class, in the beginning of February, may be refered to in the questions of the Final.
  3. There was also a list of “skills” that have been taught during this course. Some of the final will be content related questions while others will be skill related. These would be the types of assignments or writing skills we have studied, such as:
    1. Grammar: comma use, common essay errors, commonly misspelled words
    2. Formal literary paragraph writing
    3. Thesis creation and transition sentence
    4. Essay work (brainstorm, outline, evidence for support)
    5. Integrating references / evidence from literature into own writing
    6. Tone in writing by specific word choice
    7. Poetry analysis
    8. Figurative language
    9. Reading / analyzing / comprehending literature
    10. Elements of narrative essay
    11. Themes / symbols / conflicts
  4. Students were also given a short science fiction story. They will be given specific questions related to that story, but instead of having to read the story during the exam they can read it in advance. They were told to be sure to bring their copy of the story to the exam, but copies will be available. (If they have notes written on the page unrelated to that story in particular, like study notes or a cheat sheet, they’ll be given a new copy.)
  5. Students then used the duration of the class to review their literature, go through their binders to check for any missing pieces. They were also reminded that the narrative essay due last Thursday can still be handed in up to this Thursday. Last chance!!

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