May 28

B30: May 28 Blog assignment reminder…

  1. Today’s class, because of small attendance due to track, was a work period. All students recently got a list of missing assignments and their current mark. They were asked to work towards completing those missing assignments.
  2. The Grade twelves have to write a blog entry for Friday under the title of “Social Responsibility”.
    The following questions were given for students to use to get them thinking and respond to them collectively.
    – Do you have responsibility because of your age or more responsibility because of the advantages you have?
    – Do you think there is much you are capable of doing or are you limited?
    – Should you worry about what goes on in other countries when poverty and health problems exist in our own country?
  3. For the blog entry, they have to have their two paragraph post, one link to a related article, one video related to the topic, and a link to the comment they made on someone else’s blog of the same topic.
  4. IF… you have not started your own blog and have nothing to create a post in, you can add your entry as a comment to this post, being sure to still include all that is required.

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