May 27

B30: May 27 “The Verger” independent reading / questions…


  1. There was a breakdown on the board of where the student marks are in this class. Students were given a mini report (report card) yesterday that gave them their current mark in class. The breakdown on the board showed where they fit into the bigger picture of the whole class. It was as follows:
    5 @ less than 50%
    8 @ 51-60%
    7 @ 61-70%
    5 @ 71-80%
    6 @ 81-90%
    4 @ 91-100%
    Hopefully, students will be motivated to keep working hard through the final four weeks coming, or work hard to catch up before the year is over.
  2. There is a list posted outside the classroom door with Replacement Assignments. (See attached above.) Anyone missing any of the assignments, other than the Hamlet essays, will have to instead complete the replacement assignment. This ensures fairness as the ones who did the original assignment in time feel satisfied that others weren’t given extra time. The ones who missed the originals still get the chance to do well, but have to start over.
  3. Students worked quietly and independently today while reading the short story “The Verger” and completing five questions attached at the end. There is a great discrepancy between how thorough student responses are for questions. I am confident the more thorough responders benefit with much higher marks. Students should practice (are encouraged to practice) being more complete with their work. (Hint: If you answe five questions, each with parts to consider, and your responses are less than ten words and fit on five lines of page, you’re not trying hard enough.)
  4. Most students were able to finish the reading and questions and used their left-over class time by working on their blog entry assigned yesterday that is due Friday.

Read the story “The Verger” here.


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